Summer is a full service product development company

Our strategy is to provide useful and effective solutions, which are not only innovative but also well-thought-out.


We make powerful technology more 
accessible, more relevant and ultimately more personal

We focus our attention and passion on the product development, based on know-how background and wide-range knowledge in area of engineering, design, manufacturing, product branding and management. As a team of specialists, we are able to bring success by launching hi-tech solutions for our clients. 

We are deeply involved in the community

We are really into new technologies and inspiring ideas! Every day, as a company, we face new challenges to improve our cutting edge products with the latest technologies, thus we constantly strive to bring our knowledge basis up to  state-of-the-art standards, expected by our clients.

We want also make a contribution to high technology development by sharing our knowledge and experience with others. We believe this is the key to improvement, therefore we actively participate during industry conferences and meetings, where we share our know-how basis. We’ve participated in many  conferences and workshops, such as: Polish-American Innovation Week (California), Cisco Innovation Days, ‘Grow Up Start Up’ conference, Makerland ‘Make things Krakow’, CES (Consumer Electronics Show) and Microsoft Imagine Cup. We think we can do much more together by learning through joint ventures!

We work with the Best 

We believe success comes from working with the best. In order to continue advancing our goals, we have always wanted to work with the most innovative and leading companies in technology.

Among the list of our partners you can find many trusted and recognizable brands, such as Cisco, Intel, Hardware Massive or Consumer Technology Association. We believe that is the way to offer the best solutions, thus we have partnered with experienced professionals to make sure our clients succeed.

Professionals and enthusiasts among Summer Agency team 

Let's meet our team 

We are company built by young and inspiring people. Each of us has unique skills, adding value to our team and every work we do. We are determined to create the best solutions for our customers and constantly increase our knowledge base with up-to-date standards. Cooperation with Summer Agency team means being a few steps ahead of the competition, while reaching your goals and setting new trends.

We are open to the World

Even though we are a quickly growing and relatively young company, we are focused on international partnership and development.

We take part in meetings with people from all over the world to draw inspiration for their work and brainstorm new ideas. We believe opening up to the world market can expand our horizons, thus we have participated in a few international conferences, meetings and projects.

Among the list of places within our collaboration and influences map, you can find communities or industry events from any part of the world, such as: Bitspiration, Confidence, E-nnovation, San Francisco Design Centre, Warsaw and many more. This is because we are really into worldwide partnership, new technologies, brilliant ideas and new opportunities!

See what we have done

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