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5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Mobile App

If you run your own business, you should at least think about building a mobile app. The number of mobile users has been steadily increasing and investing in such solution brought benefits to many companies. Apps can reach your target audience in a way your website never will. Think about all those benefits you'll gain if you take one step towards..technology.

Today we'll introduce 5 reasons why a mobile app is suitable for your business. Ready?

#1 Customers will notice 

Where are your customers and how can you reach them? The answer is simple - we all use our smartphones every single day so this can be a perfect place for your business to bloom. It can be even more effective than your company's website. The message behind creating an app is clear - your company is innovative and not afraid of challenges in the modern world. Think about the value that the app can add to clients and if you'll do it right, they'll certainly love it!


The future of mobile is the future of online. It is how people access online content now.
Phil Nickinson, Editor of Android Central


#2 Brand awareness will increase

Creating a proper marketing plan for your business and including an app in the strategy is definitely a great idea. It will make your brand look modern and up-to-date.

When users browse the list of available apps, they can pay attention to your brand and to what it stands for. Mobile apps are a great advertisement as they educate their customers and give them information about your company. BUT you need to provide some really useful features and good UX. Later you can use a mobile app as an ad that your customers will see directly on their phones. Push or in-app notifications can be insanely helpful to create better communication with your customers. (Want to know more about it? The difference between these two can be found HERE)

#3 Customer loyalty and engagement will be better

Keeping your customer engagement high is definitely a tough task. Did you know that the level of engagement mobile apps provide is much higher than provided by a website? You need an instant interaction with customers. By enriching your app with some loyalty programs you can easily share promotions or discounts.

And the amazing part about it? Your users can access all the information 24/7 using just their phones. If you add the messaging feature, they will easily reach you - it's much more convenient for them to text instead of call.

#4 You'll gather useful data and customize your offer

Through the mobile app you can access data and collect necessary information. It’s the best source of knowledge about your customers. The data will give you an insight into clients demographics and you'll simply better understand their demands.

It will help you establish the most appropriate marketing strategy and what's important - you'll be able to adjust your offer to clients needs.

#5 Your revenue will grow!

It will be your new channel to increase sales as your target audience will be much bigger. Your business with an app may be perceived as a global, not a local brand. Mobile apps can work as your medium to expand to other markets and build a wide customer base. 

Examples can be multiplied, let's have a look at Domino's Pizza. After creating a mobile app they saw a 28 % increase in UK online sales! Now more than half of their company's orders are from mobile devices.

Take advantage of your competition and strengthen your position on the market. Offer your clients something unique. Learn how to benefit from technology and use it as a powerful marketing and sales tool.

Need an advice regarding your app idea? Contact us at office@summer.agency! 🙂


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