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IoT for Animals


IoT dominates subsequent segments of market. Electronic sensors are used in health, agriculture and industry.
Not surprisingly, there are ideas for using electronic gadgets for animal care.

Pet Tracking

A lost pet is a big problem. Searches can take a lot of time and are not always successful. The longer time it takes to find your pet - the more horrible scenarios come to mind.

Smart collars are the answer to this problem. They contain GPS sensors that track the location of the pet on a regular basis and report it in a special application or website.
This allows you to quickly find the fugitive before something bad happens.

One of the products that allows you to track a cat or dog is Tractive GPS. This is a special device that attaches to the collar of the pet. From now you can receive notifications in the mobile application about the current location of the pet.

Healing Your Animals

Some animals find it harder than others to adapt to a new place, and not all of them tolerate separation with their guardian well. In such cases, too much stress can occur, which is manifested by unwanted aggression, or, on the contrary, by excessive lethargy.

To solve this problem, Quanpet was created - a special sensor that analyzes the behavior of animals and when it detects an anomaly - plays special sounds that are supposed to calm the pet.

Animals Care

Caring for a pet is not the simplest thing when life is full of duties. It is not always time to remember about feeding or walking. The solution to at least some of these problems are intelligent food dispensers.

These are special containers with the bowl, which feed the food at certain times of the day. It allows you to save time, and accurate dosing - allows you to take care of how many calories your favorite pet consumes. This approach allows you to better care for its diet and condition.

One of such projects is Petnet - SmartFeeder. This dispenser fulfills its function, and additionally connects to the smartphone and notifies - when your pet eats his lunch.

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