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IoT Market in 2019

The position of IoT strengthens year by year. It won’t stop growing in 2019. ITPro predicts that the number of devices will grow up to 3.6 billion (link). Basing on our experience and signals from the market, we would like to present 5 forecasts for the development of the IoT market in 2019. Let's start!

5g networks will change the approach to connectivity

So far, most IoT devices have used Wi-Fi or Bluetooth technology to connect with the world. This especially applies to the devices designed for individual customers - new washing machines, refrigerators, ovens and lighting used these protocols.

However, what was enough for home solutions did not always suit the needs of professionals. Industry 4.0 devices was either based on a cellular network (interestingly very often 2G), or it used new communication standards (such as LoRaWAN described earlier). Each of these solutions has its drawbacks though - the 2G network consumes too much energy, which is important especially in the battery-powered devices (eg intelligent road signs, sensors in the oil fields). LoRaWAN requires the preparation of your own access point with internet connection.

The 5G network solves both problems. It introduces new, energy-saving standards that will be available everywhere where is the 5G network coverage. More information on the impact of new standards on the development of IoT can be found in this Forbes article.

IoT Healthcare market will increase significantly

As we wrote in our recent article, the health services market will be more and more willing to reach for IoT solutions. We already use glucose meters and insulin pumps equipped with Bluetooth. More and more often, distance cardiac care is also being discussed. For example, the Polish company Telemedical Innovations is preparing a special device designed to perform an ECG in home. (

Market predicts that the need for such solutions will double between 2017 and 2018. The development of RTLS (Real-time locating systems) systems, which can be installed in hospitals and other medical facilities, is also extremely important. This approach will improve the logistics and management of the trade of medicines and other medical equipment, which can bring significant savings.

Smartcars will go to the road

Recently, Waymo (a company belonging to Alphabet - a group of companies originating from Google) has started tests of autonomous taxis. Other companies - such as Uber or Lyft are testing their autonomous vehicles all the time. It is expected that the industry of autonomous vehicles will develop very fast, and 2019 may be the year when many projects mature and start commercial activity. It is also extremely important in this aspect to introduce intelligent infrastructure to cities that could communicate with autonomous vehicles. An example? Street lights that communicate their current state to vehicles. You can read more about Smart Cities here.

Edge Computing is becoming more and more important

Cloud Computing has been a popular buzzword, which means processing data in the cloud (remote servers). This trend is still strengthening, and many companies in this sector have achieved success. However, cloud computing requires high bandwidths of computer networks, but data transfer is expensive. In addition, there are growing concerns about the security of data stored in the cloud. For this reason, the opposite trend is emerging - Edge Computing. According to this idea, some basic calculations can be performed inside the data collector, and only telemetry data should be sent to the cloud. For example, a camera that does not send a full 1080p image to the cloud, but only information what objects were detected.

Microsoft invests heavily in this technology with its partners. In our company, we also prepare and test technologies in this field. As we wrote in an earlier article - the less information we send to the network, the better for the safety of our devices, and this allows us to move smoothly to the next topic ...

IoT security will become necessity

As we have already mentioned - IoT devices are difficult to maintain security. That is why it is so important to think about this aspect at the design stage. New devices are becoming safer, companies and supervisors are introducing security procedures adapted to this type of devices more often.

Therefore, we believe that in 2019, encryption of connections with all IoT devices and the Edge Computing trend already described will become the standard. At Summer Agency we are prepared for the upcoming changes, which is why all our projects are built with security in mind and encryption of sensitive information.


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