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Women in Engineering: Why There Should Be More of Us

I was always encouraged to discover my abilities in fields I found interesting, and the truth is -
I have always been interested in how things work. My passion for technology started in school from a very prosaic reason - a broken computer. It was one of the triggers that simply made me curious about building and repairing devices. I followed the idea later on and began my studies at the University of Science and Technology. During the studies, everyone tried to inspire and motivate us - 17 girls out of almost 300 Electrical Engineering students. Many of us after graduating, chose the path of being a developer. I started to plan my career and look for opportunities. The more I’ve read, the more stereotypes I’ve found.

The changing perception of a female engineer

One of them was a conviction that it’s really hard to preserve that feminine aspect while being a female engineer. I’m a woman who likes soldering in high heels, so I believe there’s no such thing I can’t do while wearing a skirt.  
Many times I heard opinions of my female colleagues that were insecure of the other team members’ reaction. When I started my career, I came across nothing but admiration of my courage, my technical skills and ideas. Everyone was always open and glad to help, so we quickly developed an effective communication and a great relationship that lasts till today (sending love to our software embedded team!)
Another common issue is a matter of passion. Everyday I come across opinions that engineering is probably the biggest passion of mine. I’m a hardware engineer, but except diving into technical news and projects’ insights, I’m also crazy about cooking and dancing. So when I’m not at my desk right now developing products, search for me at dancing or cooking classes!

Unbelievable facts and statistics

Did you know, that only 9% of the engineering workforce is female? What’s more, the proportion of women studying engineering did not change since 2012! With the engineering industry facing a problem of finding qualified professionals, it is crucial to encourage future engineers to work in this industry.
As for outstanding skills presented by female engineers, the ability of quick learning and multi-tasking was mentioned many times by employers. They also consider diversity in their teams as a strong positive factor, that has an enormous impact on their employees’ productivity. And they’re right!

In our team, we exchange ideas on a daily basis, and the important thing is - we have different points of view. Such various opinions enrich the communication and are the key to resolve complicated issues. We perceive solutions in a different way, and at the end, we choose the perfect, most advisable one.

My advice to every woman interested in engineering?

The world is more and more open, people are always positively surprised and the possibilities are endless. Enabling women to meet their full potential in work could add as much as $28 trillion to annual GDP in 2025. Diversity is crucial for innovation: in a global survey, 85% corporate diversity and talent leaders agreed that a diverse and inclusive workforce is crucial to encouraging different perspectives and ideas that drive innovation.
Working in a tech environment gives you plenty of opportunities and makes you more creative every single day.
If engineering is your passion, go for it!


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