Full-service product development company

Our mission is to bridge three fields in an innovative way- software, hardware and design. We work across disciplines to transform ideas into the finest cutting-edge products and help our clients achieve the best business results.


From electronics prototyping to tooling, we support our clients through product realization with mechanical and electronical engineering.

New generations of hardware are supporting and even creating new avenues of interpersonal and data communications never possible previously. That’s why the knowledge about new technologies in hardware matters. Our specialists possess wide knowledge related to the latest innovations in the hardware solutions area, such as: creating PCBs and the whole product schema, interfaces and modules compatibility, prototyping and testing process. 

Entrust your ideas and products to our hardware specialists if you want to get the best and optimized solutions!


created devices

Our company keeps growing with increased customer satisfaction. That is why the number of new projects in our portfolio is still counting. Click the button below to see, what we have done! 


3D printed functional prototypes 

One step of our process is prototyping to meet our Customers expectations. Thanks to our 3D printers, we are able to create product prototypes, which can be also used during testing process.


technology areas of our specialization

We specialize in creating innovative and technologically advanced solutions for Smart Cities, Intelligent Buildings, Telemedicine, Industry 4.0, IoT and Wearables. 

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Our team of designers and developers help our clients with the idea development and planning processes, to create software that perfectly suits their needs.

Software has become omnipresent and essential in our daily use applications. To create cutting edge best-selling products, the proper software solution needs to be taken into consideration. There are many technologies, that can be used to develop the best applications, that’s why among our team members you can find developers working with various programming languages. Among the list of our software services you can find:
1. Web Development
2. Mobile Development (iOS and Android)
3. Embedded Systems Development
4. Systems Development
 a) Back-end Developement
 b) Database Development
 c) API Development
 d) Front-end Development (web + mobile)
 e) Security Software Development
5. Cloud Computing

So if you need custom software, we are ready to help you!


different types of software development services

Our company provides wide range of software development services tailored specifically to your project. 


tools and technologies we use

We master a comprehensive set of  tools and technologies used in software development. 


We design physical and digital solutions. Our focus is on delivering tasteful and functional products. 

We are always keeping up with all of the current graphic design trends and concepts. We strive to incorporate your vision of design with our creativity. A proper branding process allows your name to have a lasting impression on the web, in print and in every other place or thing, where you might include the graphics. No matter if you need your logo, product branding, brochures, banners, mock-ups, web graphics, business card, photo or a poster designed – we always make it something that stands out among your competitors.

New Ventures

We work with growing companies to develop new business ideas with the aim of raising investment funds. Our ‘go-to-market’ strategy balances a lean product development process with funding cycles.

Cooperating with startups allows us to build an image of innovation, dynamism, and ability to adapt to the market, appreciated by our stakeholders. We are capable of attracting a large amount of the hardware development and R&D spend which is currently on an upward trend. Our cooperation can take of several models, from a pure client-contractor approach, to a partnership where for taking on some of the cost or lowering our quotes we are compensated with equity and actively help the startup search for funding should they need it.

Get a quote for your project now!

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