Software / Hardware / Design

Altlight is an alternative solution to smart home products available on the market. It helps to control devices in your home and measures power consumption wirelessly. Starting from wireless switches, Altlight is also creating smart power outlets, smart tags and smart access control system. In the near future, additional sensors and devices are planned to be launched as Altlight solutions. 


Tech specification

Bluetooth Mesh Network




The Altlight solutions are using the most innovative, proven and high performance technology- Bluetooth Mesh Network. What is more, all of Altlight devices are compatible with the latest Bluetooth 5 standard, which provides increased range, higher data speeds, and cross vendor broadcast messaging capacity. 


Hardware of the Altlight solution was designed and manufactured, using the latest technology, which makes product more innovative and attractive for Customers. 


Altlight wireless switch was designed in line with simple and modern style. It was also created using the highest and finest quality materials, thus the product matches every home interior.