First 11

Software / Hardware / Design

First11 is a set of wearable sensors, worn during training and games, accompanied by an app for performance analysis, tracking and visualisation. First11 allows players at all levels to feel like a pro.

Tech specification

Sensors: 31 x 24 x 11 mm
Charger: 70 x 25.5 x 70 mm

Bluetooth Low Energy

3-Axis Accelerometer + 4-Axis Gyroscope

Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion batteries 

Solution for individuals and teams

Individuals can take advantage of First11 by tracking basic data such as distance, number and strentgh of shots, top speed and many more. The team solution allows for big data analytics and an array of additional functionalities for coach and players. 


The design of F11 product is simple, unique and functional at the same time. Thanks to its special design, sensors are also comfortable-to-use. 

Software -  website and mobile app

F11 software provides an array of features for football players and coaches. Within F11 website and mobile application, users have access to all data collected from sensors, statistics and community channel with events and other users or teams profiles. 

Hardware - sensors

First11 sensors collect accurate data about foot movement, displacement, acceleration and force. A set for one player icludes two sensors, which are to be placed on the left and right foot on the back of calves above the ankles, in the most non-intrusive location for user.