Photon is the first first toy robot in the history, that develops along with your child. It was created to teach kids how to code, and designed to play with children aged 6 to 12 years old. The special design of the Photon was created by specialists in the field of psychology, gamification and user experience. That's how it provides entertainment and help in development that will last for years.

Tech specification

Distance, Floor contrast, Sound, Touch, Light, Rotary Encoders

Two 200 RPM Motors

Bluetooth 4.0 BLE

Rechargeable 5V 1A, 3000mAH Battery / 4-6 hours of operation


Photon is equipped with many sensors, that enable interaction with the environment and other different features- those are unlocked along with your child's development.


Taking care of Photon was one of our favourite tasks. Our cooperation with Photon has started from reviewing the first version of the product and making innovative changes to its schema. We were also responsible for creating a new PCB design to make the device more productive and we were involved in the CE marking process.