Product Design

RoboCORE is a cloud-powered device and development platform that is the heart of your new DIY robots for professional or hobby use. 


Tech specification

168 MHz ARM Cortex M4 microcontroller

 Bluetooth 4.0, WiFi (
by smartphone or via the Intel® Edison module)

hMotor port, internal and external servo port,
hSensor port, hExt port



Thanks to RoboCORE, you can now build personal robots from scratch without high-level programming skills and at an affordable price. RoboCORE gives you the hardware and software to build almost any robot you can imagine.


Once upon a time, someone said that the main idea reminded him of the heart or brain of the robot. RoboCORE deigners decided to follow this thought and the heart-shaped box was delivered as a final product design. Summer Agency team was involved in that process- we were resposnible for creating the cases of the RoboCORE devices.